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A White Girl Trying “Real” Mexican Food for the First Time

A White Girl Trying “Real” Mexican Food for the First Time


Fresh fruit is the best. 

There was a plethora of new things I had never tried before, and they were all so different from any fruit I’d ever tried before. There’s mamay, which is so sweet and creamy it’s almost like eating a custard. There’s guanoabana, which has a flavor that is almost effervescent with it’s acidity. And then there was pitaya, which was almost like a kiwi but with a sweeter flavor and bright red flesh. It was unreal. 

Burritos aren’t a thing

We get a lot of burritos back home that are supposed to be authentic Mexican. I didn’t see one burrito while I was there. I did see a lot of tacos, sopes, tortas, moles, etc. And all of them were way better than any burrito I would get back home. 

Chilaquiles are the better version of nachos. 

And they’re breakfast food. Smothered in creamy avocado sauce or red chile sauce with beans and some cheese. Yum. 

Bugs are a normal thing. 

I have to admit, I was a little squeamish trying some chapulines (grasshoppers). It was partially my American brain telling me “this is just wrong. Disgusting. Stop eating bugs.” Part of it was the texture of the exoskeleton. The flavor was really nice. And they were served with tortillas and some really delicious guacamole. I think it may be an acquired taste. 

Tequila is not just for shots

We spent a day in tequila and toured a small-production tequila plant. Almost everyone I talk to in the States is like “Tequila’s gross. I had the worst nights when I drank tequila.” You’re doing it wrong. Tequila’s the best if you do it right. They also made a super delicious savory margarita with cucumber juice. 

There is no “Mexican” food. 

That may be a bit of an exaggeration. But Mexico’s cuisine is extremely regional. And every region is extremely proud of their dishes. I had so many conversations surrounding food. Telling me about the dishes I needed to try, and the history or cultural significance.  

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